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Use Encrypted Google SSL Search for More Security, Privacy

 Use Encrypted Google SSL Search for More Security, Privacy

Want a secure private search session? Use Encrypted Google search over SSL and you get a complete encrypted search link between your computer and Google. We all go to daily, but how many of us have tried Google SSL Search. Visit to try this Google search.

However, remember that many other Google search products like Google Images and Google Maps are not currently available over SSL and will not work as desired.

Benefits of Encrypted SSL Google Search
SSL is short for Secure Sockets Layer, a protocol that encrypts search queries and search traffic, such that it can’t be read by third parties (like ISP’s), thereby providing secure Internet communications for web browsing, e-mail, instant messaging etc. SSL search typically does not send referrer information to any HTTP links you visit (but browser will still send referrer information to HTTPS links).

Remember SSL works only on on Google web search (not Google Images and Google Maps). You’ll continue to see integrated results like images and maps, but clicks will take you out of encrypted search mode. This will also not bypass Google logs for your search queries (as shown in your web history), nor will it prevent malware like installed keyloggers from letting third party catch your search queries.

 Confirm Secure Connection
If you see the browser bar you will note the url begins with https (and not http). Also note a locked icon beside the url in all modern browsers which will display the encryption details of the site.

Tips To Make Your Yahoo! Messenger Hack Proof

Tips To Make Your Yahoo! Messenger Hack Proof

Avoid P2P file Sharing Through Yahoo! Messenger :

Be it known or unknown, prefer not to receive any file from your friend unless you know what he is sharing and why. Avoid downloading .exe or .zip files from them as they are more likely to attack your computer or install trozans without you being aware of it. Never trust a stranger when he asks you to click on any site you haven't heard of.
Avoid Clicking on Spammy Links :

If you were chatting with someone else and suddenly a PM box flashes on the screen with a lucrative offer/interesting site which has a spammy look, don't click on it. These websites have a lot of spyware who get silently installed if you go and surf them. Never download a toolbar unless its as authenticated as Yahoo!'s or Google's.
Use Ignore Option Effectively :

Yahoo! has an ignore option that lets you ban a person or mark as spam so that he can't disturb you once again. Use that option effective. Go to Yahoo! Messenger main box -> Preferences -> Ignore List. If you want to avoid talking to strangers (which I always recommend)i.e. wanna talk to your buddies only, Check Ignore anyone.. option. That helps you be safe and block on the unwanted and potential hackers from reaching you. See the screen-shot below.

 Use other Chat Clients :

Yahoo! Messenger has too many loopholes. It doesn't have a strong security to block contents either. So, if you want to get rid of spams and porn contents all under one go, then you should go for some popular and secure Yahoo! chat clients like Yazak. You can also go for Yah-Elite and Yam They may not have the same sophisticated GUI or entertainment features but they will increase the security of the chat sessions by many folds.

Here is a link that can help you with some more chat clients. I don't recommend any except these.

Always Use Newer Versions of Yahoo! Messenger :

Remember, the more you stay with the older versions and feel lazy to get upgraded, the more you are helping the hackers. Yahoo! or any software, brings out these updates not only to extend features but also due to security reasons. A newer version of Yahoo! messenger 9 is hardly bootable by DoS attack whereas Yahoo! Messenger 7 can be booted out or hacked by a script kiddie.

Don't download Yahoo! Plug-ins from Unauthorized Source :

Do not ever download a plug-in of Yahoo! messenger from any other site however lucrative it be. Plug-ins like these exploit the vulnerability once installed and send your account details to a third party revealing and cracking down your id. So, better be safe than sorry. No?

Use Proxy if you have a Better Firewall :

Yahoo! also gives you option to change your proxy. Go to Preferences and hunt down Proxy servers. You will see that you can set your own proxy server so that Yahoo! gets redirected through yours giving you a better chance to protect yourself and secure by your network. But if only you have that faith on your network security. You can change it by going to Yahoo! Messenger main box -> Preferences -> Connection.

Use Word Filter :

You can also use your word Filter in Yahoo! messenger. It just discards all the obscene or threatening words by intelligent filtering system if you choose Strong option. But be aware, there may be some times when your own friend can get banned while cursing your jokingly. Word filter is another good option to be within your network and not let some specifically targeted spammers to arrive. It increases security too. You can change it by going to Yahoo! Messenger main box -> Preferences -> Chat.

Be sure to Delete Your Profile after Chatting from a Public computer :

Most of the users don't know about it. Whenever you sign in to Yahoo! messenger, Yahoo! makes a profile of yours in the directory Yahoo! -> Messenger -> Profiles by the name of your Yahoo! id. There is an option by default at Yahoo! messenger that messages will be saved as long as you are signed in to your account for that session. A good hacker can have access to that file and decrypt it to learn your private conversations.

What you must do if you are sharing a public computer to chat from is to change it by going to Yahoo! Messenger main box -> Preferences -> Archive. Change it to No, do not save any of my messages and you are done. Oh don't forget to delete your profile from Profiles inside Yahoo! folder after you sign out.

Apply Your Common sense and Use a good Antivirus and anti Spyware software:

Applying your common sense is the least you can do to prevent your account from being hacked. A good anti-virus and anti-spyware always warns you about dangers that you may have overlooked. So its better to have them as well. If you implement the above 9 tips, you won't need to worry much I gues until you personally hand over your information to the person willing to crack your computer down.

Google Docs Allows Looking Up Contents of RAR and ZIP Files

If you are using Gmail, chances are you aware that up to 15 different types of files which are attached to an email, can be looked up without the need to download them.
This is useful, as it saves space and also from a security point of view the file is opened online and not on your computer. Today Google announced, that it was added support for .RAR and .ZIP files.
To check the contents within a .zip or .rar file, click on View as seen in image below.
view zip Google Docs thumb Google Docs Allows Looking Up Contents of RAR and ZIP Files
All the contents can be seen listed and the best part of it is we can download the individual file or open in online on Google Docs if it is supported by Google Docs.
Google Docs ZIP Download options thumb Google Docs Allows Looking Up Contents of RAR and ZIP Files
It is important for Google Docs to support as many different types of files as possible so that users can find it comfortable using their Chromebooks which does not have any software installed on it but is a OS which is more or less a browser.
Drop drop in your comments.

10 Great Tools to Light up Google Plus Addicts

Google+ is still in private beta but developers have already put their mighty efforts and built many extensions, bookmarklets, add-ons, userscripts, web apps and much more! This post lists all those tools (webapps, extensions and everything in between) which can make Google+ better in all aspects.

#1. Color Plus

Image59 thumb 10 Great Tools to Light up Google Plus Addicts
Let’s start with the most basic tool. Most of the geeks/bloggers (including me) didn’t like the color of the Google bar and many wanted to customize it, there are many ways to do this. If you’re on Chrome then Color Plus might do the work for you. Using Firefox? No worries, there’s a userscript for that.
Links: Color Plus (Chrome-only) | Google bar color changer (Userscript-works on all browsers)


roundup thumb 10 Great Tools to Light up Google Plus Addicts
Shortens your Google+ profile URL, hopefully Google will introduce this feature in the coming days. Just choose a nick name, enter your profile ID and you’re done! Your shortened URL will be something like this –
Link: (Web app)

#3. Block Plus

image thumb 10 Great Tools to Light up Google Plus Addicts
Some say that the best feature of Google+ is its integration with the Google bar, no doubt, it’s a wonderful feature but it may make a bit unproductive as it follows you everywhere (on all Google sites).
Block Plus removes the Google+ integration from the Google bar and you may continue doing your work than concentrating on Google+ notifications. Another Userscript, Google+ notifications blocker, does the same thing but eventually works on all browsers.
Link: Block Plus (Chrome-only) | Google+ Notifications blocker (Userscript- works on all browsers)

#4. Plusbar

Image15 thumb 10 Great Tools to Light up Google Plus Addicts
This is a nice addition to Google+, Plusbar is a bookmarklet which converts Google+ into your entertainment dashboard. You can watch BBC News, Al Jazeera, Nasa TV and many other live streaming channels directly from Google plus.

Plusbar Demo

Link: Plusbar (Works on all browsers)

#5. Surplus

Image31 thumb 10 Great Tools to Light up Google Plus Addicts
This is just the opposite to Block Plus, Surplus makes it easy to check your Google+ updates on non-Google sites. Apart from checking updates, you can also post links/normal text. You can also turn on desktop notifications and sounds in the options.
Link: Surplus (Chrome-only)

#6. PlusFeed

Image04 thumb 10 Great Tools to Light up Google Plus Addicts
PlusFeed allows you to follow Google+ posts of anyone by subscribing to their feed. To get the feed address, replace Google_plus_ID in with your Google plus ID and subscribe to it using your RSS reader.
Link: PlusFeed (Web app)

#7. Like +1

Image55 thumb 10 Great Tools to Light up Google Plus Addicts
Even though Google+ is liked by most of the beta testers, only a very few of them left Facebook and decided to choose Google plus as their primary networking tool. So, as with the arrival of Google+, the +1 button has got some meaning and many started +1’ing (along with liking) their favorite articles.
Like +1 combines +1 button and like button into a single button, so that you can save a few seconds. Your +1’s won’t appear instantly, it may take a minute to appear.
Link: Like +1 (Chrome-only)

#8. Extended Share

Image04 thumb1 10 Great Tools to Light up Google Plus Addicts
Share your Google+ posts on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn with a couple of clicks. Just click on Share on.. present beside the Share option and choose the site on which you want to share the post. 
Link: Extended Share (Chrome-only)

#9. Find People on Plus

Image30 thumb 10 Great Tools to Light up Google Plus Addicts
Pretty self-explanatory, it’s a directory of all the people who signed up for Google+, it detects your area and shows user suggestions. Apart from acting as a people directory, it is also a showcase of Google+ statistics and top Google+ users which I found interesting.
Link: Find People on Plus (Web app)

#10. Google+ Statistics

Image33 thumb 10 Great Tools to Light up Google Plus Addicts
While Find People on Plus shows some mild statistics of every Google+  user, Google+ Statistics is better if you want to checkout graphs, following trends etc. You might know about Twitter Counter, the same guys have built Google+ Statistics.
You can also track your Google+ statistics by signing up using your Google account. It also provides a statistics widget which you can embed on your site.
Link: Google+ Statistics (Web app)

Bonus Tools

#11. Move Your Photos

facebookpicasa thumb 10 Great Tools to Light up Google Plus Addicts This chrome extension will help you in exporting all your Facebook photos to your Picasa account. If you’re migrating to Google+ then this one will be handy, as you don’t need to manually export the photos.
You need to login to Facebook and grand permission to the app, as this app has become popular lately, it may take more time to migrate the photos.
Link: Move Your Photos (Chrome-only)

#12. GTools+

unnamed thumb 10 Great Tools to Light up Google Plus Addicts
With GTools+ you can customize the interface of Google+ such as editing the Google bar components, changing the position of the chat box, pinning the Google bar to the top and much more. It can also be used for translation and to setup notifications for Google+, you can even customize the color of notifications.
Link: GTools+ (Chrome-only)

#13. Agent G+

Image29 thumb 10 Great Tools to Light up Google Plus Addicts
There are many extensions and add-ons to post sync your Google+ posts with Twitter and Facebook, but this one is extension-free. You just need to authorize the app in Twitter and Facebook and post a Google+ update of the authorization string you get (share it with only + Agent G).
Once you have done that, you can sync your Google+ posts by simply sharing the posts with +Agent G.
Link: Agent G+ (Web app)
So, that is it. If you know some worthy Google+ tools, do share them through the comments. – Easy Sharing and Integration with all Apps makes it easy to share tidbits of text or even images using your favorite app/service. While surfing the web, I come across lots of interesting stuff and if I want to share it, I need to login to the specific service and do it, be it Facebook, Twitter or even Gmail.
With you can share things in very less time using the same service you were using before, this will save you a lot of clicks. integrates with almost any app, including some favorite services like Gmail, Facebook, Twitter and many more.




Features of 

  • Share text/image by just selecting it and pressing Ctrl+C.
Image56 thumb   Easy Sharing and Integration with all Apps
  • integrates with almost any app, if you can’t find your favorite app in the list.
  • Apart from sharing it can also perform web actions, for example if you click on the Google icon after selecting the text, it will display the search results for the selected text.
  • You can also create customized web actions using the user manual.

Pros and Cons

Pros: Pretty innovative idea, must have for people who use multiple browsers as you don’t need to install sharing plugins (Shareaholic etc) on each browser.
Cons: It needs to be polished in a few aspects like if you’re sharing text using Twitter option of, you can’t edit the tweet, that’s annoying. It is a bit resource hungry too! Demo currently supports only Windows. Try out and drop your opinions.

iSub4Sub - Get 1000's of YouTube Subscribers

  iSub4Sub - Get 1000's of YouTube Subscribers
How this system works

Your start off by registering an account (Username, Password and Youtube Account and E-mail), after you login, you will be on our main form. You will see your stats as seen in images below. When you have credits you will be on our earning list. When someone wanting to earn credits clicks start, it will go through that list and subscriber to them. Earning you a subscribers per credit. Think of it like this, 1 credit= 1 subscribers.

Best of all. their system uses web request technology instead of web browsers, which means that our program will be reliable, quick and not reliant upon the users internet connection speed.

The benefits of isub4sub

Youtube susbcribers are a necessity if you want to become a youtube partner, without them your channel will seem less appealing and most likely never qualify for a youtube partnershi. Their research has show that Youtube members with a high number of subscribers, received more video views, subscribers and more.

As you can see subscribers is a neccesity.

Frequently Asked Question

Q. On registration do i put by YouTube name or link:
A. You put just your channel name (Your Username)

Q. Will this always be free?
A. Yes, using the program and earing credits will always be free.


65K Proxy List (More than 80,000)

65K Proxy List (More than 80,000)
All proxy is created by proxy grabber to get these like an hour ago, they should all be working, haven't tested them all, either way, enjoy.
Download here

Move Photos from Facebook Albums to Picasa using Chrome Extension

Personallly I never really liked Facebook, but because all my friends are on it, I caved in and got myself an account. This also meant that when it came to sharing photos with friends, I chose Facebook. Now we have Google+ which I have started to like a lot. I wanted to move all my Facebook Albums on Google+ and needed a quick automated solution.
Thankfully, I use Chrome as a browser and the Move Your Photos extension is perfect to move my albums from Facebook to Picasa.

Moving from Facebook to Picasa

  • First download and install the Move Your Photos Chrome Extension. It’s icon should appear next to the address bar on Chrome.
  • Login to Facebook from the Chrome extension. Also make sure you are logged into Picasa or Google+ account on the same browser.
FB to Picasa login chrome thumb Move Photos from Facebook Albums to Picasa using Chrome Extension
  • The “Request for Permission” page loads up for accessing your Facebook Albums. Click on Allow and new page loads which might take a few moments.
  • This new page has all your Facebook Albums listed with all photos in them being displayed as thumbnails. Users can select each album or even single photo from a particular album. After you have selected the individual albums and photos in them, click on Upload.
FB to Picasa select album thumb Move Photos from Facebook Albums to Picasa using Chrome Extension
  • This will create the Albums and transfer the selected images with the same album names as they are on Facebook.
FB to Picasa Google Plus thumb Move Photos from Facebook Albums to Picasa using Chrome Extension
This simple extension on Chrome, can quickly transfer and move your Facebook profile to Google+ and would suit ideally people looking to upload images in both services or planning to use Google+ albums as some sort of backup of Facebook photos.
Do drop in your comments.



UC Browser is a Web and WAP browser with fast speed and stable performance. It supports website navigation, Internet search, download, personal data management and more functions.
What's New
*. Download Manager Super download manager supports resuming downloads and multithreaded downloads
*. Save 85% Traffic Advanced compression technology can reduce data size up to 85%
*. Optimized Address Bar Intelligently predict your input,to precisely autocomplete.
*. Optimized Cookie Storage Never need to input username and password repeatedly.
*. Quick Share Share interesting news to Facebook and Twitter anywhere!

*. Select Operator as Airtel on the Handler Menu.
*. Use Mobile Office as GPRS Settings
*. Maintain Balance Below 0.30ps When Using

*. Select Operator as Aircel on the Handler Menu.
*. Use Pocket Internet as GPRS Settings
*. Maintain Balance 0ps When Using

*. Select Operator as Docomo on the Handler Menu.
*. Use Docomo Dive-In as GPRS Settings
*. Maintain Balance above Rs.1 When Using

*. Select Operator as Videocon on the Handler Menu.
*. Use Videocon Wap as GPRS Settings
*. Maintain Balance 0ps When Using

*. Select Operator as Virgin on the Handler Menu.
*. Use Vbyte as GPRS Settings
*. Maintain Balance 0 ps When Using

*. Select Operator as Globe on the Handler Menu.
*. Use MyGlobeConnect as GPRS Settings
*. Maintain Balance 0ps When Using

*. Select Operator as Warid on the Handler Menu.
*. Use Warid Internet as GPRS Settings


UC Browser 7.9 Beta MultiOperator.Jar

UC Browser 7.9 Beta MultiOperator.Jar

Google+ Scores Over Facebook in Link Caching

A few days ago, Aditya covered 5 advantages Google+ has over Facebook. Last week during the unfortunate serial bomb blasts in Mumbai, Pratik Parekh pointed out to another advantage Google+ has over Facebook. This advantage is in link-sharing feature present on both sites.
If you followed social-media after Mumbai Blast closely, then you might have come across Wikipedia article links to Ajmal Kasab’s page being shared all over. Some miscreant had modified Kasab’s date of birth on his wiki page making it 13th July’s which was the day the serial blasts took place in Mumbai.
Like many people, I fell for falsehood and shared the wiki-link over Facebook as well as Google+ at the same time. After few hours, when the error on Wikipedia was resolved, Google+ shared link preview showed corrected date of birth while Facebook link-preview still showed the wrong date of birth.

You can see screenshots below:

Facebook Link Cache
Facebook Link Cache Google+ Scores Over Facebook in Link Caching
Google+ Link Cache
Google+ Link Cache 1 Google+ Scores Over Facebook in Link Caching